What To Do When There’s
Too Much To Do 

Because Life Gets Busy Sometimes

Write Everything Down-

Use a whiteboard, laptop or book to write down absolutely EVERYTHING that’s on your mind. Events coming up, things to do, how you’re feeling and amazing ideas you’ve had. Use a planner, colours and pictures to make it fun.

Plan Your Day-

Create a list of everything you need to do today. Prioritise the list from most important to least important and have a calendar to schedule in time you need to be somewhere. This will keep you on track and make you feel like you have achieved so much more by the end of the day.

Clean Up Your Surroundings-

Clear your desk, room or area. This will take environmental stressors away and make you feel more relaxed. Remember to clear away your stuff at the end of every day, ready for a new day tomorrow.

Tea Time-

When things feel overwhelming remember, tea fixes everything. Take a break and make a cup of tea, you will find your perspective will change and things will become much clearer.

Be Present And Realistic-

Remember to be present at all times. Think about what you can do right now to achieve the goals you have set for today. It’s great to have long term goals but always keep in mind the realistic outcomes you want to achieve today and achieve them one step at a time.


Sometimes it’s just not possible to get around to everything that needs to be done right now. Think about the people in your life that may be able to give you a hand. A friend, neighbour, parent or even a personal concierge can assist you with your list of things to do. Because as they say, no one can build an empire alone.


A good night’s sleep is essential to a clear mind. Everyone is guilty of staying up late to get those extra couple of things ticked off the to-do list. What might take you 2 hours to complete at 11:30 at night, might actually take you 20 minutes with a clear mind in the morning. Going to bed early and getting a good night sleep will make a massive difference to your productivity.

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