How to  Organise a
3-Hour Social Media Week

It’s important for your business to keep up with modern day trends, and actively participating on social media platforms is now the norm for any business. To not be seen on social media now could be costing your business more than you know. But social media is a time consuming and extremely distracting, readily present tool that can take you from “just popping on to take a look” to being distracted for 2 hours by being consumed down the social media rabbit hole. That may sound extreme but I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about here.

Creating a “Social media plan” is not only essential for your business’ marking strategy, it is essential for preventing you from the massive distraction that we all know social media to be. It’s just so easy to spend a copious amount of hours achieving nothing. So to put bluntly, the 3 hours a week – social media plan, relies on you being organised. It is essential for you to put this time in your diary, block out all distractions and spend it wisely to organise your weekly social media posts.


Here are the timings throughout the week that I recommend:

  • 2 hours on Monday (Social Media Post Creation & Scheduling)
  • ½ hour on Wednesday (Likes, Commenting & researching hashtags)
  • ½ hour on Friday (Likes, Commenting & Reviewing for Next Week)

Scheduling these hours are completely up to you. If you feel like you have more time to fit the “Social Media Post Creation and Scheduling” in on a Sunday afternoon or “Likes, Commenting & Researching Hashtags” on Thursday instead of Friday then book this into your diary. The important thing is to make sure you put this time aside to complete this activity with no distractions.

Tips and Tricks:

   1) Sign up to a social media management tool: There are many out there (paid and free) but I highly recommend HootSuite. HootSuite is free for a basic account which is perfect for this activity and also provides you with basic reports. Your social media management tool, whichever one you decide, will be used to schedule your posts throughout the whole week so it is completely automatic.

   2) Keep a social media diary: I highly recommend the app “” to keep track of thoughts and ideas. (It’s actually really good for life in general, not just for this activity). “Trello” is also good. This 3 hours a week social media plan relies on you being organised and ready for Monday when it comes time to create and schedule posts. Therefore take down as much information as you can throughout the week when you have an idea. Pictures you take, quotes you find, ideas you come up with throughout the week need to be put into your diary so you are organised and ready for your scheduling day.

   3) Keep a social media folder: I recommend Dropbox. If you are on the go all the time and don’t regularly use the same computer, Dropbox is a god-send. If you are always on the same computer set up a folder on your hard drive. Call this folder “Social Media”, within this folder you will have 3 more folders called “Documents”, “Photos – Upcoming week” and “Photos – Old”.

   4) Set up a social media Business Branding template: This tip is completely optional but highly recommended. I recommend that your social media posts have a similar look and feel so your clients and customers know as soon as they see your pictures that they belong to your business. You can get your FREE business branding template here.

   5) Sign up to imaging websites: Picmonkey and Canva are really good (and free) websites you should sign up to, to create and edit beautiful images.

The Plan:

   1) Social Media creating and Scheduling (2 hours):

  • Sign in to your diary and also into your social media folder. Collate all images you have taken or found over the past week.
  • Using your Social Media Business Branding Template, picmonkey and canva create one or two images for each day of the week. Some images may not need to be edited and some images you may need to be created from scratch, so make sure you use your time wisely.
  • Once all the images are created login to your social media management tool and book in your social media posts for the week ahead. Vary your posts between images, facts, videos and anything else you can think of.

   2) Likes and Commenting (15 Minutes):

  • This involves you logging onto your social media profile and finding where your current audience hands out. Find the pages and groups in which your audience are a part of and get involved in these communities.
  • Get your business in front of potential customers by clicking “Like” on posts and commenting on those that use hashtags related to your industry or are in your location.

3) Researching Hashtags (15 Minutes):

  • As part of the “Social media Business Branding Template” there is a section called “Hashtags”. You should review and update this section weekly by researching the most used social media hashtags you can use related to your industry. Try googling “Hashtags (Industry)” and “most used hashtags”. Not all of these hashtags will be relevant to your business, but knowing and using popular hashtags that are related in your posts will bring people to your profile.

4) Reviewing next week (15 Minutes):

  • Use this time to think about what type of posts you will schedule next week. This is also a good time to plan ahead. I recommend starting a 90 day social media planner to plan a theme for each week. For example; if you blog, organise for a blog post to go up once a week and theme your social media posts around it. This will bring more people to your blog and also allow you to vary your posts around this theme.

Now, if this all seems too much or if you need help getting started, just give me a call at Busy Made Simple. I would love to get to know more about you and your business and would be all too happy to help you with your social media set up.

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