Virtual Assistant Vs Online Business Manager

So, you’ve built your business up enough to hire someone to help you in it, now you’re just looking for the right person. But what is the difference between a Virtual Assistant vs Online Business Manager? Both are an amazing asset to have in your team and maybe you will actually need both. But, what is the difference between a Virtual Assistant and an Online Business Manager, and how do they help you in your business?

While both a Virtual Assistant and an Online Business Manager provide support to you as a business owner, their role in the business is significantly different. Some people go through Virtual Assistant’s searching for the perfect one, when what they are looking for might not actually be a Virtual Assistant at all. It’s probably an Online Business Manager.

The main differences between a Virtual Assistant and an Online Business Manager.

Attention on your business

I believe the main difference between a Virtual Assistant and an Online Business Manager is how much love, care and attention they bring to your business. Do you want someone to look to the future and see what needs to be completed? Should their main focus be your business and asking the big questions to help improve, grow and nurture your business into its next stage of growth? Do you want them to have an overall view of the business, see obstacles that might arise, learn the business from end-to-end, making adjustments and improvements along the way?

The main differences

A Virtual Assistant:

  • Possess a tight focus on each task put in front of them
  • Will follow instructions that are assigned to them
  • Are responsible for only their tasks
  • Has basic skills on how to do many things OR is very skilled at a couple of things
  • Might offer some suggestions on how things can be improved
  • Doesn’t have an overall understanding of your business, just what needs to be completed right here, right now.

An Online Business Manager:

  • Focuses on your overall business to help manage and improve it
  • Creates instructions on how to complete tasks
  • Are responsible for their tasks and delegating tasks to others
  • Has an in-depth understanding of many aspects of business
  • Strategically thinks about the business, its overall goals and direction, and also offers suggestions and guidance on what and how things can be improved.
  • Understands your business front-to-back and develops systems and procedures around it.

Questions to ask yourself

When deciding on a Virtual Assistant and an Online Business Manager, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have a list of tasks and instructions to delegate to a Virtual Assistant?
  • Are you willing to manage tasks, manage people, delegate tasks and follow up when necessary?
  • Do you want someone else to manage tasks and make sure your business runs smoothly?
  • Do you want someone to be in the trenches with you, to talk about the overall direction of the business and act as a sounding board for growing and providing more value to your customers?

The investment you make in a Virtual Assistant and an Online Business Manager

Your Online Business Manager will develop a genuine relationship with you and with your business. They will become a subject matter expert on your business and will be responsible with you for the overall development and growth of the business. They will have a deep investment in your business to provide advice and support that a Virtual Assistant just cannot provide.

Many people start out with a Virtual Assistant and as the trust, relationship and as the business develops, the role transforms into an Online Business Manager. This is a great way to approach for small businesses to take. You might not be ready for an Online Business Manager now, but one day you will be, so investing in a great Virtual Assistant from the get-go can set you up for a fantastic Online Business Manager in the future. This also saves you time and money in hiring and training a new person. Your Virtual Assistant is with you from the start and has developed their knowledge of your business along the way.

Ready for growth?

We are a Virtual Team ready to set your business up for success. My approach is “Invest in a fantastic Virtual Assistant now and set yourself up for an AMAZING Online Business Manager in the future”. I offer packages to assist you in whatever stage of business you are in. If you’re just looking to outsource a couple of hours here-and-there to get some tasks off your plate, I offer ad-hoc Virtual Assistant retainers that would work perfectly.

But, if you’re looking for an Online Business Manager to work in the trenches with you, to really get to learn and grow with your business – this is what I live for. My ongoing retainer packages offer you the opportunity to off-load your systems and processes. I will work with you to streamline your systems and processes as much as possible to save you time (by not needing to complete the tasks that are now streamlined) and money (on ongoing subscriptions and on not needing to outsource tasks that don’t need to be outsourced). Streamlining your business is what I do best, this ensures that you are prepared for the growth that’s ahead and allows you to be more in control of exactly what’s going on in your business.

So lets get started!

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