Virtual Assistant In Canberra

Have you ever wanted an extra pair of hands in your business that can take care of anything that is thrown your way? To streamline your systems and ensure that your customers are always being cared for? Your local Virtual Assistant in Canberra might be the answer.

Your dreams could come true with Busy Made Simple’s local service right here in the Canberra region.

Who are we?

Busy Made Simple provides services ranging from general administration tasks such as social media management, email and client management and website management, through to streamlining and systemising your business from the inside out.

With more people deciding to take control of their own destiny and forge their own path in life, we have been able to support many different businesses through their journey. From start-up’s who are just building their business from the ground up, to businesses that have been running for many years and need their systems modernised or their clients properly cared for. Busy Made Simple looks after many businesses around the Canberra region with our quality service, love and passion.

As your dedicated Virtual Assistant in Canberra, we can take care of those general ongoing tasks and tasks that just sneak up on you. If you need someone to step in for a couple of hours per week, or if you are looking to make some big changes, we’re always here to help your business along its journey.

Our Difference…

Running a business can be stressful and our aim is to give the business owner back time in their week to take care of themselves. This also allows them to provide a better service to their customers and run the business more efficiently.

We’ve heard many stories within the industry of clients getting handed from one Virtual Assistant to another when getting started with a Virtual Assistant agency. With Busy Made Simple, you can be assured this will not happen. We’re dedicated to being a team you can rely on for anything, to be there for you and your business through it all.

Our top priority is our quality service from the very start. You’ll work with Kirsten from the get-go and she will learn your business from the ground up. What makes your business different and better than your competitors? What values your business pride it’s self on? How the clients view the business? She will focus on these opportunities while also highlighting where improvements can be made. Providing you a different perspective on your reality, while being honest, yet caring – to find areas that will set you apart and allow you to grow.


It’s not for everyone

We also believe that not everyone is suited to working with everyone. One key thing that allows us to love our work so much is – we only accept clients that we can pride ourselves on. We only work with people that we really “CLICK” with. Where we can find the passion and love that makes the business what it is and we can share that same joy.

Our team absolutely loves what we do because we have this honesty with our clients from the start. This is one of the reasons why we are so transparent with our fees and terms of work. It’s also why we offer the Free Initial Consultation. These consultations allow us to really get to know a person and their “why” in business. This “why” is what drives us and gives us the reason to love your business as much as you do.

The main clients we work with are holistic coaching, heart-centred or creative business owners such as Life Coaches, Yoga Instructors, Doulas, Naturopaths, Birthing Coaches, Fitness Coaches and Business Coaches. When someone is passionate about helping the world and making their own amazing mark on it, we can’t help but catch that bug too and be passionate about the cause with them.


Something special about a local relationship – A Virtual Assistant in Canberra

We absolutely love getting to know businesses around our local area in Canberra. This always allows for a unique and special relationship that can’t be found through hiring someone in another city. We’re passionate about our city and have built many relationships within it. We also pride ourselves on connecting with people and making connections between our clients when we can see that similarity which always brings us joy in itself.

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