How To Get Your Business Online

It’s currently a very strange time to be in business. Navigating our way around this new environment of politics, world crisis, and social interaction can leave anyone’s head spinning. I’ve been swamped lately with worried businesses trying to plan a way forward in their business.

This has led me to think that every business should be online! Despite this new world crisis or not.

I have personally seen businesses who previously didn’t have an online presence scramble to offer their services online and experience quite a significant loss because of this.

Businesses who were already online, with systems to support and work with them, seem to be coping much better at the moment.

I’m not saying that this world crisis is going to happen every couple of years, so get ready to prepare for the next one. What I’m saying is that this type of online service is what people want and need, now and into the future.

Now that COVID-19 has happened, people will be looking for a more convenient way of living. Because we have all now experienced this new, amazing and convenient way of interaction, we will want more of it going forward.

If you thought getting your business online isn’t a big deal and all you have to do is surf this wave and get through it, I’m here to tell you otherwise. Getting online will be a game-changer for your business, during this pandemic AND into the future.

At this point, I can hear you ask “HOW!? How do I get my business, my services, my knowledge online?”

To this I say, YOU MUST ADAPT.

So, let’s get a cuppa, take a deep breath and work through this step-by-step.

STEP 1: Think outside the box –

Your current services may not be able to be offered online in their current format. But, if you make a few tweaks and think outside the box, I bet you can make it work.

Think about your knowledge of the industry, how you actually help your clients (as in, what benefits they get physically and emotionally from what you offer), and possibly what changes you can make to your current services to teach or present to them.

STEP 2: Organise a brainstorming session –

If you’re not sure how to move forward, jump on a Zoom meeting with a fellow entrepreneur/business owner to help each other through this. Talk about how you can adapt your businesses. Two minds are better than one!

STEP 3: Plan it out –

Plan out how your clients are going to be working with you in this new online capacity. It’s important to have a clear vision here because if YOU don’t, your clients definitely won’t.

STEP 4: Set up new systems –

Setting your business up online will most likely mean you will have to do some research into systems that will support you in delivering your services this way.
And, don’t freak out on me, but this may mean a small investment.

If you’re looking for a good system that will work for your business, check out my valuable resources page for some ideas.

This page also includes some great resources to assist you through this time mentally and emotionally.

Step 5: Collate your database –

Gather together a list of all old clients, new clients and anyone who has ever shown interest in your business. This will be important for your marketing strategy.

Step 6: Get in front of your audience –

Ok, so you’re ready for your clients to start rolling through the virtual doors. Now you need to let them know you’re still alive and ready to support them in the best way you can.

You have a few options here, but I recommend starting out with your current database. To market to the people who already know you, and probably trust you the most, is the best marketing strategy you can put in place.

Send an open, personable and welcoming email to these people letting them know you are here for them and are ready to make their lives better through the amazing service you offer.

Please note that you are the unique selling point of your service. As I’m typing this, I can hear you saying “but why would someone choose this service when they can get the same thing from XX…” To this I say, because they can’t work with YOU over there! In your email make sure to include an image of you, because you are the only you, and no one can find that anywhere else 😊

Other options of marketing, if you have the budget for it, are Facebook ads and Google ads, which you may or may not want to look into.

Step 7: Remember, change isn’t bad!

One thing not to forget right now is that change IS NOT bad, it just requires us to adapt.

I believe, as much as this world pandemic is not a great position for us to be in right now, it’s a chance for us to grow stronger. To work ON your business, making it bigger and better than ever before. You’re building it to withstand anything that happens in the future because, as we all know now, you never know what will happen.

Remember to not get stuck in a rut! Visualize your business as a thriving hub. Although it might be different after we adapt, YOU CAN STILL HELP PEOPLE! And this is what it’s all about!

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