4 Reasons You Will Love Using A Project Management System

After the initial flush of taking the plunge and backing a dream of running your own small business, the new business owner is often and quickly overwhelmed by the “do-it-all” factor that comes with running a successful and profitable venture. Whether you have a team by your side right now or not, a Project Management System will be your saving grace, allowing you to organise the “do-it-all” tasks that come with this fun role we like to call “The Business Owner”. It’s just a matter of finding a sustainable solution that can seamlessly integrate into your current business model.

At Busy Made Simple, we see a lot of business owners juggling tasks that require them to periodically switch between the roll of collaborator, worker, administrator, manager and marketer… just to name a few!

However, the simple implementation of an effective Project and Task Management System, like Asana, can quickly turn a bad day into one that is streamlined and efficient.


Here are a few reasons we love using asana –

Asana is a cloud-based project and task management system developed in 2008 by two senior staff members at Facebook who were looking for a way to better manage teams, organise tasks and collaborate openly and instantly on projects.

The beauty of Asana is twofold:


It sits within the digital landscape making it instantly accessible for remote staff as well as those using the system in house. 


Asana is compatible with desktop and mobile devices including both Android and iOS smart phone systems. The Asana mobile app is also readily available from the App store and Google Play. If you’re not sure how to move forward, jump on a Zoom meeting with a fellow entrepreneur/business owner to help each other through this. Talk about how you can adapt your businesses. Two minds are better than one! 

But what we love the most about Asana is that its FREE for up to 15 users!

Do we need more convincing on why this system is a must have for your business in 2020? 


here are Our top 4 reasons why we cant get enough of asana, this simple and efficient project management system – 

1. easily manage your workflow 

Thanks to the variety of options available, teams working within Asana can readily access lists, boards and calendars providing them with a clear overview of who is doing what.


  • The My Tasks view is used to see the jobs assigned to a user giving them an itemised list of work priorities.
  • The calendar view within My Tasks provides a quick visual account of pending tasks and your overall work schedule. Managing your workflow has never been easier thanks to this neat and highly visual feature for the creatives out there. 

2: stay connected to your team

As our lives continue to evolve thanks to the integration of modern technology, so have thoughts and ideas around traditional workplaces. Today, we see a culture of global collaborators, engaging openly through an online world and staying connected despite their geographical location. Finding a Project Management Software that allows for instant team communication really makes this process an easy one. Asana offers users the chance to share information, ideas, feedback and files thanks to its simple discussion board function. This aspect of Asana is wonderful in that it creates a space that encourages creativity, problem solving and collaboration. To avoid conflict or confusion, conversations are also tracked and can be re-visited at any time, making it easier to remember who said what while also tracking any approval processes.

3: easily keep up to date

Thanks to the instant alerts and reminders, Asana users are kept up to date on upcoming tasks and projects in real time. Tasks with a due date will arrive promptly in your Asana inbox as a daily task reminder. Alerts can also be sent to your phone or PC. Push notifications will alert you when:

(a) you have been assigned a task,
(b) comments are left on a task you are involved in,
(c) a task you are collaborating on has been marked as “complete”,
(d) and, when a task is due.

These simple yet effective alerts help users stay on top of their daily workload whilst reinforcing task goals and deadlines. We love this efficiency!

Email alerts help users and collaborators prioritise tasks outside of Asana. Yep, that’s right! The system allows for an email notification regarding tasks and projects to be sent to your general email inbox to help you stay on track. These notifications can be set to daily, weekly, or monthly reminders covering daily summary’s, activity updates and weekly reports. Asana email reminders are just another way of keeping up to date when working on a project however, there is also the option of not opting into the email alerts should you find your email becoming overly congested. We love choice!

4: software intergration

You’ve heard us say how tech savvy we are and how much we love helping you integrate new software systems into your workplace. So…for us, Asana is a big winner! Asana seamlessly assimilates with software you might already be using within your current business such as:

(a) Adobe Creative Cloud,
(b) Microsoft Office 365,
(c) Dropbox,
(d) Salesforce,
(e) Gmail,
(f) Google Calendar & Google Drive,
(g) Outlook
(h) And, Jot Form…just to name a few!

We love the simplicity of merging this new system with your current software as it streamlines your business process whilst boosting efficiency and productivity.

So…. these are just a few reasons why we love a business-friendly Project Management System like Asana and encourage you to think about implementing one in your business too. Asana is cost effective and helps to enhance team collaboration. It also helps you prioritise and organise tasks, keep you up to date on current projects and can integrate effectively with your current software.

We think the geniuses at Asana have summed up their product perfectly with their business motto- “Asana…less Chaos. More Clarity.”

Who doesn’t need that?!

Create Efficiencies & Streamline Processes

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