Why Content is King

Have you ever heard anyone say “Content is King?

The phrase itself is often thrown about in marketing circles. And, just like any King, it refers to the power and influence content marketing has over us.

What is Content Marketing?

Well, unlike traditional forms of marketing, content marketing is subtle. It bypasses the traditional advertising channels and typical ‘sales pitches. It’s my favourite type of marketing because it’s created with the sole purpose of reaching an audience in a personal way. It’s built to show, inform, teach, and inspire your audience. It’s there to bring eyeballs and to present them with your expertise, experience and knowledge of a subject matter. It is not so much “salsey” as it is proving to your audience that you know your sh*t and you are an expert at it.

How does Content Marketing Work?

It works in two really powerful ways:

  • People are curious by nature. They will actively seek out information to solve a problem or get a question answered. In fact, Google gets approximately 3.5 billion searches per day from people seeking information. By providing your knowledge to the world, you could be the person who solves a problem for someone out there. Also, content marketing also leads into another amazing marketing technique called Search Engine Optimisation.
  • People are also emotive. They need to feel a certain way about something, in order to connect with it. Research out of Harvard Business School has revealed that 95% of our understanding comes from our subconscious mind. When we think about an experience, often it is accompanied by a certain feeling. When using content marketing, we can drive the audience to react because of the feeling they get from the content. Their decision to interact with your content is therefore emotional which can lead to higher conversion.

Reaching your audience through content marketing forges a stronger relationship them. This, in turn, provides a solid platform from which to build loyal customers.  Quality content encourages online engagement and will be shared, liked and followed.

But remember, in order for content to remain, King, it needs to inform, educate, and entertain your audience.

What are the most popular platforms to launch content?

Social Media

Since its inception, social media continues to shape how we see ourselves and each other. In Australia, an estimated 18 million people actively use social media and spend up to 1.5 hrs per day engaging in online content. The most popular social platforms include Facebook, Instagram and YouTube with video content predicted to dominate static platforms over the next few years. Social media has also redefined traditional marketing.  Meaning anyone with an account can create and publish content that has the potential to drive engagement. And, the power lies in the type of content that is produced.

Image-based social media content is awe-inspiring and happy… think inspirational quotes or funny memes. This generally tends to get higher engagement and shared more often than any other posts because of the emotional response the post can provoke.

Our Top Tip – Images really do help tell your story, so make sure the images used are on-topic and relatable so your audience can construct meaning.


Did you know… 77% of internet users are regular blog readers?

Blogs are a great way to reach your audience on a personal level. They offer you more space to broadcast your ideas and information. Blogs can be linked to social media sites, websites or be sent out to email subscribers. To gather inspiration for content, we recommend taking the time to find out the questions your followers/ideal audience are asking. Also, don’t be afraid to ask them questions to get the ball rolling.

Our Top Tip – More people than ever are using mobile devices to access blogs. Make sure your blog formatting is optimised for mobile devices.

Website Information

Information on your website IS your content. This type of content needs to be optimised for UX (user experience). Truthfully, more content simply does not equate to better content. So, LESS IS MORE.

Your content needs to answer the user’s question/s easily. If your audience can’t find the answer easily, is getting lost, or if your site is taking too long to load, you run the risk of losing their attention. In order for your content to be king, it needs to be authentic and straightforward. Your audience also won’t relate to your content if it lacks feeling – so if you’re passionate about your expertise, share it to the world!

Our Top Tip – Updating website content is necessary. Search engines favour websites that are original and are also relevant.

Email Marketing

Whilst many might think that email marketing is not content marketing, I believe email marketing CAN be used as a successful form of content marketing.

Email marketing campaigns don’t necessarily fall under the outbound (push) marketing umbrella. They can be used as an inbound (pull) marketing strategy. Remember we talked earlier about driving your audience to react from the feeling they get from your content?

Well, here’s your chance to capitalise on this concept!

Instead of sending out a general email blast to your entire database, your email marketing can be designed for a segment of your audience that wants a specific question answered. This makes the experience a deeply personal one for them. By adding a link to the infographic or creating a video, the content is now sharable. This can increase your click-through rate by at least 55%.

Our Top Tip – Keep in mind… you’re trying to solve your reader’s problem with your email marketing. This shouldn’t appear transactional. Make sure that is clear in your subject line.

Why content is STILL King

Content is king because you are able to answer your audiences’ question, prove your expertise in the area, and present your personality through your story. Engaging content is a perfect way to find your ideal customers. By creating content, you are showing your audience what you are like to work with, and inadvertently growing that beloved “know-like-and-trust-factor” with them.

If you are an authentic brand and you give a sh*t about your audience, this should be easy to show through your writing. Just write from the heart and keep in mind your audiences’ pain-point you are trying to solve. The key here is to have fun with it. Make it unique and authentic and the results will speak for themselves.


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