Is Being In Business Like Rock Climbing?

How Outsourcing Tasks Saves Your Business

Let me ask you a question.


How much time are you investing (daily, weekly, or monthly) in your business-related tasks?


And no, I’m not just talking about the types of tasks that generate a profit, utilise your skillset or are just… fun. (I mean, why would you even be in business if you didn’t have these types of tasks to do… right?)


No, I’m talking about those repetitive little tasks that seem to chew through your day, leaving you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.


What I’m talking about are things like:
  • website maintenance and updates
  • audience and client communication
  • content creation and campaign management on social media
  • email marketing campaigns and monitoring the results
  • customer relationship management
  • improving SEO

These types of tasks require a degree of expertise (dare we say… finesse!) that turn’s them from big overwhelming problems into small manageable tasks.

The cold, hard fact is – not every business owner has the skills to do these tasks effectively. Nor should they be doing these tasks in the first place.


We get it.


It’s rough.


Business is not a spectator sport.


Business is more like… rock climbing?


Without a rope.


Or a mountain.


You’re left standing there… staring off into space at nothing in particular. Reminding yourself of all the things you’d be doing if you had the time.

But… the truth is, in order for you to be successful in your chosen industry you really need to stay on top of these tasks.


Like. All. The. Damn. Time.


And here’s why.


These little time suckers’ generate the leads you need to convert into paying clients. They’re not just relationship building – they convert into cold hard cash.

And money is nice.


Now, I know it sounds simple… but the hard facts are –
  • By not updating your website (regularly) with quality content – Google will punish you by sending your site to virtual Siberia (which is like… Page 6 of the search engine results).
  • By not producing or posting a variety of content on your social media accounts – your audience will punish you by unfollowing you, or worse… actually… there’s really nothing worse than losing your audience.
  • By not sending out engaging emails – your customers won’t even open your emails to begin with, let alone feel connected to your brand. And by default, you lose the eyeballs that are needed to make conversions.

Now, I’m not trying to shame anyone.


I’m into problem-solving.
Outsourcing tasks to a Virtual Assistant
My team of AMAZING Virtual Assistants (I know, it’s a big claim, but trust me – I’ve seen them in action), help to tackle small business tasks no matter the size.


The idea of outsourcing your tasks should be an easy one. So, let me assure you, I make it an easy one.


Why do you think my motto is
streamline processes and create efficiencies“?


I’m not all talk you know.

I’ve streamlined my business too, making it as efficient as possible. Helping make your experience, while working with me, an enjoyable one.


So, let’s talk about how working with my AMAZING (yep, I’m using that word again) Virtual Assistants is the S.M.A.R.T way to go for your business.


  • Switched On – We’re a switched-on team of VA’s and are a savvy bunch of women. We absolutely love tackling the tasks you hate and our experience and dedication to the success of your business makes us super-efficient.
    By outsourcing your tasks to us, you no longer carry the burden alone. Stop exhausting yourself by trying to do (and know!) everything. Your time is FREE (imaging that) to invest back into the business you love and for the other things in life that make you happy.
    At BMS, we’re switched on, so you can tap out!

  • Motivated – We get that it’s hard to stay inspired and on track with tasks when you’re stressed out and feeling overwhelmed. And we really want to help. We’re driven by helping businesses flourish and producing their greater good out into the world. We’re motivated by the real results, positive feedback, upbeat engagement, and the great reviews we receive from the businesses we work with. We’d love to share our knowledge and expertise with you. After all… your success, is also ours!
  • Accountable – We get that you might have some concerns about working with someone virtually. I mean… who are they really? What do they know about your business? Are they friendly and looking out for your best interest?
    Well… I can say from my perspective, I really do care. My team and I care about you and your business to achieve your best results.
    We’re organised, efficient, creative, and passionate professionals. Taking responsibility when undertaking any tasks. We’re resourceful enough to research not just your business… but your competition as well.
    We want you to be number 1 in your industry.
  • Resourceful – Every dollar counts in small business. Right? Right! You might be ready to update your systems, develop an online course, or explore digital advertising. The thing is, without guidance and expert advice, this could be costly.
    Enter the resourceful VA.
    At BMS we love to get thrifty and want to help make the outsourcing process an economical one for you. So, during our initial consultation, we’ll zero in on your ideal audience, discuss your business objectives, determine priorities and work out a plan to implement your goals. Simple.
  • Technical – Do you know what a pixel is, or what it’s used for? Do you know how to generate a segmented market for your email marketing campaigns? How about what your social media analytics are really telling you about your audience?
    Yeah… it can seem pretty confusing, but not to us. We freak’n love this stuff and even better… we understand it. We’re super proud of our technical skills and invest lots of time and effort into staying on top of current technology and emerging trends. If I’m being upfront and honest… we totally nerd out on this stuff. Sad, I know, but so true. 
    Yeah… it can seem pretty confusing, but not to us.

Honestly, onboarding a VA is the way to go if you’re looking to explore business growth.

And to be honest, we’re not in business if we’re not looking for growth.

Outsourcing your tasks to an online business manager
A VA can free up your time by handling those little (or big) tasks that seem to eat up your day.
These tasks keep you from doing what it is you love, and what you should be doing in your business. Also, onboarding a VA is a cost-effective solution over employing staff because you won’t have the regular overheads that go with employing staff.
If you’re looking too…
  • Implement or improve your email marketing – No worries.
  • Update or create a new website or online course – We can do that.
  • Get help managing your social media – Done.
  • Create some fresh new content – Not a problem.

Maybe now is the right time to make the move.

To work smarter, not harder.

To spend more time focused on your business then on the tasks that keep you from it.

And that all begins by hiring a kick-ass, tech-savvy, heart-centred Virtual Assistant.

Who, by the way, has your back all the way.


Sound good?

Then what are you waiting for?

Create Efficiencies & Streamline Processes

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