Embracing Change in your Business

How Change Can Re-shape Your Business

They say change is as good as a holiday but I’d prefer sitting on a sunny beach anywhere sipping an ice-cold glass of ‘anything-alcohol’.
Truth bomb – Holidays are great, but change is hard.
Change IS hard because it tends to rock the boat on our sea of ‘status quo’, threatening to tip us out as we catch a glimpse of dry, solid land.
And it’s unsettling, too right?
Sort of like when you watch a scary movie on your own.
Now… you know you’re on your own. Apart from you, the house was empty before you started the movie and, to the best of your knowledge, it still is. And yet…. halfway through the movie, you begin to check over your shoulder to make sure Jason isn’t standing behind you in a mask.
Change is that kind of unsettling.
And if you think change is hard from a personal perspective…. try changing something in your business.
Let’s face it…anything to do with change where money’s concerned tends to make us sweat bullets.
Think about it.
Every time the reserve bank says it’ll leave interest rates where they are (or better still…lower them)…I can feel the earth tremble a little as the 6 million Australia’s with current mortgages do a little happy dance to celebrate the good news.
Change IS hard.
Especially if it’s with something we love, are passionate about or have dedicated our lives to perfecting.
Like a business.
Truth bomb – This type of change makes us grind our teeth in our sleep.
Or bite our nails.
Or worse…. the heads off those we love.
But, this type of change is hard because we’re shit scared of failing. Of losing everything we’ve worked so hard for. Of losing everything we love.
And it’s RISKY too.
And not the cool Tom Cruise kind where we dance around in our jocks singing into a candlestick! Its’s risky in that if the change we adopt doesn’t pan out …. we might just find ourselves be up shit creek without a paddle.
And yet, the chances we don’t take in business could cost us, in the end, just as much.
So how do we move forward in business, make some changes for the better whilst still mitigating the risks?
Well, I say…

It’s OK to Admit Defeat (just don’t wallow!)

That’s right! I think it’s OK to call it.
To tap out if you’re feeling frustrated or overwhelmed.
Be honest and boldly declare “I just can’t do this on my own anymore”!
Shout it from the rooftops if you have to.
Send it in a text or declare it on Facebook.
Either way just admit it and MOVE ON.
We just aren’t meant to be good at everything nor should we kill ourselves trying to be. Where is the joy in that?
No-one’s calling you out as a looser.
And if you think (as a business owner) you’re the only one struggling…think again!
The truth is there are soooooo many people juggling too much. Unless you have outstanding clown school skills…the juggling can get pretty ugly.
The thing is, when we acknowledge our weaknesses, we also make room to draw on our strengths. So, take some pressure off yourself, admit defeat and then MAKE A PLAN. The key here is not to wallow in self-pity…. I mean you didn’t fail. Not really. Instead you rationally, with full metacognitive awareness decided to sensibly…. tap-out.
See…when I put it like that, you sound like a freak’n genius!
The good news is, once you’ve come to terms with the truth (that you can’t do everything) you’ll realise you can take your power back. You can move forward and make some solid decisions about where you’re at and where you want to go.
Now…. that’s the type of change that can move YOUR business forward.
(Pssst….and so is hiring a VA, who can help with those business-related tasks you’re struggling with…but more on this in a bit!)
But first you need to know….
Outsourcing tasks to a Virtual Assistant

It’s OK to Ask for Help

So….you’ve completed stage one.
You called it and admitted you’re not a superhuman with superpowers who can do everything?
You’ve admitted you need some help.
Well done YOU!
You’re about to make a change for the better.
I know it, and soon, you will too.
So why are fear and excitement playing a game of tennis in your subconsciousness?
Well, because adults suck at asking for help, that’s why.
They avoid it like the plague or…to use a more contemporary pandemic, Covid!
But honestly, it doesn’t have to be a hard or clunky process, especially if you decide to on board a VA. A VA works remotely, on a task you’ve assigned them in a time frame you’ve set.
A VA works for you AND with you.
But YOU have the power.
And YOU’RE in control.
So maybe the fear your feeling isn’t necessarily about finding a VA, but is more about finding the RIGHT VA?
Guess what…. your fears might be valid.
Unless you do some solid digging, you just might end up with a dud. I recommend doing your homework to find a suitable candidate.
To begin with, ask around. Word of mouth is still the most preferred method of recommendation for most people looking for skilled professionals. People will trust a verbal review over most other forms of advertising. In fact, personal recommendations are the main driver of consumer decision making during every phase of the purchase process.
Yes – words have power!
But, I would also recommend you hit up Google. Businesses that land at the top of the first page in your search results are usually there for a reason. They get there by investing in their business because they are passionate about what it is, they do.
And who wouldn’t want to work with someone who LOVES what it is they do?
My final recommendation is to check out their Google reviews and social media sites. This will give you a better insight into their values and the reflections of those who’ve worked with them. If your business and personal values align, then you’ll know you’re a good fit to work together.
I want you to also know….


Outsourcing your tasks to an online business manager

It’s OK to Start Small

Ok….so you’ve found a VA you really like.
Fabulous (I hope it’s us!)
And they’re an expert in an area you need help with.
Lucky you…you’ve hit the jackpot!
But…you’re still feeling a little nervous because you’ve never worked with someone in this way before.
Hang in there. I’ve got some more advice.
If you’re feeling nervous about investing in a collaborative process your unfamiliar with then…
you might be best to take it slow.
Well…trust matters when it comes to business and it’s something that needs takes time. By starting small, work can be monitored giving you confidence to add more tasks once you’re completely comfortable with the process. For example, getting a VA to organise your social media posts or update your website are easy tasks to outsource. You then can build up to include blog writing or email marketing down the track. My advice is to prioritise tasks from while you’re establishing this new working relationship.
So…. you’ve read my thoughts on change and how it sucks (in a good way). How, when we admit we can’t do everything and ask for help, our world can open up. It’s hard being in business (I know!) and it’s even harder when we feel alone in business. I’m here to tell you that’s just not the case because you’re not alone.
You have us!

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