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Start building systems that work together, minimising the need for you to administer them while also creating a more consistent and streamlined experience for your customers.

Getting Started

What happens when you start to streamline your business

When starting to look for a Virtual Assistant, many people don’t actually know where they need help in their business, they just know they need help.

This isn’t because they don’t know how to serve their clients in the best way possible, all of my clients are damn good at that!

No, it’s because technology and systems are just not in their area of expertise.

When you first start to investigate ways in which you can streamline a business, you may realise that the process can seem overwhelming. But when you investigate a bit further, map out your business requirements, and start creating a plan, you can find a system that will really work for you.

The things you need to consider

Upon commencing with a client, I identify where things are not working within the business and where processes can ultimately be improved. I then implement these improved systems, and my clients quickly realise they:

  1.  are utilising their time better,
  2. are saving money,
  3. start enjoying the administration process a bit more,
  4. (and the best bit!) they create a better, more enjoyable experience for their clients!

To achieve this, there are 6 key ingredients you need to consider to successfully implement a new streamlined system correctly.


Start planning it out

Implementing new systems in a business can be a long process, requiring an in-depth analysis of the business requirements.

To start mapping these out, the following questions need to be answered:

  1.  What integrations does it need to have?
  2. What processes does it need to fulfil?
  3. Does it need it to contain your business branding?
  4. Does it need a 24/7 support call centre?
  5. Is it easy to use? (look at customer reviews)
  6. Does it require additional user access?
  7. Would you like it to have ongoing training material?
  8. What other requirements does your business need from it?

Researching system requirements and looking into potential systems that can support these business requirements is essential. Look at what other businesses within the industry currently use and what other systems could work effectively.

Once the new system has been chosen, it’s time to start setting it up. Setting up all business branding, importing all information, troubleshooting any issues that arise, and refining the processes as you go.

When you have set it all up, make sure to trial it out with a couple of clients to make sure it works effectively. Then it’s time to implement it!

Where Is Your Business Up To?
What system do you need setup?

With a streamlined business, you are well on your way to having clearer, easier administration processes with happier clients. But, do you know what system you need set up?

On the journey of setting up business systems, I find there is a general roadmap in which business owners need to implement systems in their business. Once they have one system set up, they can then move onto the next. You may even find that you can utilise a system that can incorporate a few systems into one, such as Dubsado.

Let’s Get Started

Streamlining your business

Helping you streamline your business is where I make the most impact. If you would like to create a better client experience, make business administration easier and stop wasting time and money,  book in a free consultation with me to discuss your vision.

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