DIY Membership Program

Hello! Welcome to our DIY membership program! We’re so happy you’re here!


We aim to teach you everything we know about setting up systems, streamlining processes and creating efficiencies in business.

We do this by providing you with resources such as videos, documents and anything else that can assist you along the way.

Through our membership program, you have the opportunity to ask for a training bundle to be created for anything you are struggling with. Two or more bundles are released each month to assist you in building your business.

You will receive VIP support through our program to help your business grow.

Create Efficiencies & Streamline Processes

What it’s all about

& how we can help you

If you think working with a Virtual Assistant is a great idea but are conscious about saving money and wouldn’t mind getting your hands dirty. The VIP Membership is a great way to learn more skills to implement efficiencies and streamline your business

This is a great introduction into working with a Virtual Assistant. Kirsten will teach you skills through each bundle to show you how you can set up your systems, streamline your processes, and implement efficiencies in your business.

DIY Bundles

The DIY bundles currently featured in the membership portal include:


    What if I'm just starting out in business?

    This online membership is perfect. You will learn how to set up your systems efficiently from the start saving you time and money down the road.

    What are the DIY bundles?

    Each month we release a couple of bundles around certain topics our online members choose. These bundles are made up of multimedia resources such as videos, documents, worksheets and so much more.

    Can I cancel at any time?

    Of course. If you feel the membership is not right for you or you have learnt as much as you can, membership can be easily cancelled through your login dashboard.

    Who runs the bundles?

    Kirsten herself puts together each bundle and takes you through how to do each and every step through the videos she is featured in. Learn more about Kirsten here.

    Can I pay annually?

    Unfortunately not at the moment. It is something we are working on.

    Why are the enrolment periods limited?

    As we are dedicated to making sure every single member receives loyal treatment and support when they join, we only open the DIY membership club a few times a year.

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