Business Standard Operating Procedures

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Do you every feel like you’re losing control within your business? There are probably so many things going inside your business, and being bombarded with questions each and every day has become the norm. Well, let me help you with that. This is a topic that is frequently overlooked in business. And I admit it, it […]

3 Hour Week – Social Media Plan For Your Business

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It’s important for your business to keep up with modern day trends, and actively participating on social media platforms is now the norm for any business. To not be seen on social media now could be costing your business more than you know. But social media is a time consuming and extremely distracting, readily present […]

What To Do When There’s To Much To Do

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What To Do When There’s Too Much To Do Because Life Gets Busy Sometimes Write Everything Down- Use a whiteboard, laptop or book to write down absolutely EVERYTHING that’s on your mind. Events coming up, things to do, how you’re feeling and amazing ideas you’ve had. Use a planner, colours and pictures to make it […]