You Have A Busy & Thriving Business!

So, Lets Make Life A Little Easier.

These service packages have been designed to help you create efficiencies and streamline processes in your business, so you can get back to the more important things.

I work as your business manager to improve your business in any way I can to help you save time and money.

Outsource your business administration. Kirsten can help you with just about anything when it comes to running your business. It’s important as a business owner, to be able to rely on and feel like you can trust someone to complete tasks of any shape and size.

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Social media can be a time consuming but essential part of any business these days! Do you struggle to find time to create at least 1 post per day to keep your followers engaged? 

By engaging and interacting with your audience through social media channels you generate awareness for your business and expand the reach to other target markets. You also drive customers to your website to learn in more about what you do. All of this leads to improved natural (and free) Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and ultimately improved sales.

Outsource your social media set up or management, so you can be sure you’re reaching out to potential customers and not wasting your precious time falling down the social media rabbit hole… we all know its a weakness.

Outsource email management to ensure all emails are monitored and responded to in a professional manner. Kirsten can also streamline as much as possible through an email management system, helping you to increase your productivity and customer service levels.

If you’re looking to scale, documenting work processes can really help to streamline your business. I use Microsoft Visio, PowerPoint and Word to map out workflows within the business to make each step clear. This makes it easy to get work done faster and train staff effectively.

Staff rosters can be extremely time consuming and ever changing.  Have it all handled for you so there’s one point of contact for staff and you will know it will be handled for you time after time. Allowing you to focus on other more important tasks.

Save time by outsourcing customer bookings, customer follow ups, email management, drafting letters, copywriting, document updates, researching and purchasing.

Packages can be purchased at a discounted rate or an invoice can be issued as the completion of the service at the rate of $50 per hour.

Check out our awesome virtual assistant packages that are designed around your business needs.

Have a website created with wordpress and managed by me to free up your time and create your very own slice of the internet.

Outsource the creation of your new website or lets update and re-vamp your old one!  Kirsten will create a website you love. It can be completely customised to your needs and budget. Contact Kirsten to get your quote!

I work with Yoast to add keywords to help search engines such as Google and Bing find and rank your website.

Increase your following and brand exposure by starting a mailing list. I highly recommend Mailchimp, ConvertKit or ActiveCampaign depending on your needs, budget and list size.

I can implement a mailing list subscription service of your choice in your business and on your website.

Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office
Project Management
Adobe - Creative Cloud
Web Design

So, your wondering if working with an Australian Virtual Assistant will make a difference?

Yes, It most definitely does.

I’m an Aussie. And as an Aussie, I know the Australian culture and business environment better than any overseas Virtual Assistant. I work with you one-on-one, we get to know each others working style and the most efficient way of completing tasks together.

You will save yourself time and I will become a reliable and trusty source for you can call upon for anything as we build an amazing working relationship with each other over time.

Save yourself red tape, administration, holiday pay and training by organising yourself a Virtual Assistant. Contact me today to book your free consultation and see if we’re a good match.