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Breathe Away is a Breathing Retraining Online Course

Breathe Away’s breathing retraining online course is designed to assist you in managing anxiety and overwhelm, help you sleep better and maintain a good overall healthy body. The course is designed in an easy and quick to learn online format, so busy small business owners (the busiest of the busy) can easily consume and put into practice what is taught.

Importance of Learning to Breath Correctly

Physiological normal breathing is silent, through the nose, very gentle, and almost invisible.

Learning to breathe correctly can lead to a better sleeping pattern and quality of sleep, less anxiety and a greater sense of calm. It can also reduce asthma symptoms and improve snoring. It’s a common misconception that over breathing is good for us. You have probably heard of someone telling you to take a deep breath in, let it out and take another deep breath in, let it out and repeat. By doing this we actually disturb our blood gases and disrupt the normal pattern in the body causing it to malfunction. Over 80% of Australians over breathe and this produces a wide range of distressing symptoms throughout the body.

Let’s think this through, ever blown up a balloon?

Taking a big, deep breath in to blow up a balloon may seem ok the first breath but after the second and third we start to feel a bit dizzy and sick. This is a sign of over breathing. We take too much oxygen into the lungs and expel too much of the carbon dioxide from the body, giving us the sick feeling we all know when blowing up a balloon. There are not too many of these before we have to stop because we feel like we have to catch our breath…

“Loss of carbon dioxide during over-breathing causes smooth muscle to constrict around airways and blood vessels, reducing the availability of oxygen to the brain and body tissues. Anyone who has experienced dizziness after blowing up balloons or practising deep breathing in a fitness class, will be familiar with the effect that over-breathing can have on the blood supply to the brain. The MRI scan below shows a 40% reduction in oxygen in the brain after one minute of over-breathing.” (Litchfield 1999)

And remember the old paper bag trick we used to use when someone was having a panic attack? This is a classic sign of over breathing. When a friend was having a panic attack we would tell them to breathe into a paper bag, this was to ensure too much carbon dioxide wasn’t escaping from the body and oxygen levels could be bought back down to their normal level. .

How does Beathe Away Help?

Return to a physiologically normal/optimal breathing pattern

Optimal breathing is how a person in perfect health breathes, someone who breathes slowly, smoothly, silently, and never snores. If you find you breathe erratically, get wheezy, breathless or panicky, yawning or sighing this online course can help you to regain your energy throughout the day by breathing properly and getting a better night sleep. You can change the way you breathe~ it’s as easy as taking your next breath differently.

This breathing course is:

  • Specifically designed for busy people and needs no special devices
  • Less than one-third of the cost of a face-to-face course

You will Get:

  • First results in under 24 hours -sleep better from the first night
  • To unblock your nose within minutes, using a simple breathing technique
  • 30% average reduction in total symptom score by day 2*
  • 90% of participants report less or no snoring, coughing or wheezing by day 5*
  • Learn skills and techniques to manage breathing-related health conditions.
  • Understand your body and its response to healthy functioning and what goes wrong when breathing is “dysfunctional”.
  • Understand common misconceptions about breathing and breathing physiology.
  • Breathe in the way your body is designed to breathe by resetting the brain’s automated breathing response.
  • Have an option for improving your breathing that is often overlooked in favor of medication, surgical, or appliance-based approaches.

About Breathing Retraining Online Course:

Easily doable for busy people

This course is based on the breathing retraining programs that Tess Graham has delivered for the past two decades to more than 5500 people with extraordinary and consistent success. Tess’s work is complemented by her training in physiotherapy and in the physician-developed Buteyko Breathing Technique. Busy Made Simple highly recommends this breathing course as its easily completed online and doesn’t depend on hours of formal practice. You are taught how to blend the practice into your daily life and achieve brilliant results through this ‘informal’ practice.

This 12 lecture course (video, audio, graphics, handouts) includes:

  • Over 12 lectures and 3.5 hours of content!
  • Breathing pattern assessment and symptom assessment
  • The 5-day breathing retraining program (taken as slowly as you like)
  • The 9 Habits of Healthy Breathing
  • Breathing in speaking, singing and exercise
  • Reassessment, problem-solving, making the changes permanent
  • Free 15-minute online breathing consultation

The key points of difference in this online breathing course:

Breathe Away teaches physiologically normal breathing – not the big, ‘deep-breathing’ and ‘full-inhale/exhale’ breathing exercises that are so commonly taught and which may provoke dizziness, coughing, wheezing, anxiety and panic attacks, and perpetuate a snoring problem. This course is suitable for people with high levels of anxiety. The process is gentle, nothing is forced – you will be amazed at how profound the improvements are while you remain at all times within your comfort zone.

The Book

Tess Graham’s Breathing Book

Tess Graham is well known in the breathing field and her book “Relief from snoring and sleep apnoea” comes highly recommended to a better night’s sleep and feeling more energised and calm throughout the day.

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