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10 suggestions on how you can improve your website

Have Kirsten personally review your website. Kirsten will assess your website’s layout, content, material, style etc and email you within 3 business days with 10 suggestions on how your website can be improved and taken to the next level.

A fresh set of eyes on your website and someone to give you feedback and suggestions is just what you need when you are getting ready to launch a new website or just looking for ways the website can be improved.

Your website review can include tips on:

  • Find any spelling mistakes, 404 pages, incorrect links etc
  • Advice on clashing colours/text format
  • Formatting and layout issues
  • Tips on how the website could be improved
  • Performance analysis (SEO) suggestions
  • Device compatibility
  • Any other issues that are found

Please note: Your email may not include tips on all dot points, only the most relevant to your website. This package does not include any implementation of these suggestions and should be seen as suggestions only. If you would like any work completed on your website, Kirsten is happy to provide any work through the VA packages.

**Upon checkout please include your website and any additional information in the order notes

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