Kirsten and I have been working together for well over a year now. The things that were the biggest problems when I first started was; I was too busy working in my business rather than on my business, my systems were old and very inefficient, I was frustrated because I had a head full of ideas and I couldn’t find the time to help my clients in the way that I wanted to help them. Having Kirsten onboard has been an amazing change to how I do business now.

I had been studying marketing and it was her sales letter that came into my email box that was the first touch point I had with Kirsten. I’m very proud of the fact that I give my email delete button a pretty good go when I’m going through my emails, but Kirsten’s sales letter actually caught my attention. Because I had been studying marketing, I could see that she had created a very well-done sales letter so I asked her to come in. It was the questions and insights she had when we had our first meeting that really helped me to feel like, “yeah, she’s really going to be able to help me with my business”.

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The biggest benefits of working with Kirsten, has been my systems. She has updated my systems to bring in new platforms that are really, really efficient which has saved me an incredible amount in administration of my business. She’s also updated the procedures for me which means that anybody can walk into my business and know how to help me run it. That has been an incredible level of progress as well. Having her on board has helped me now to implement at least 3 major initiatives and I’m so proud of it because I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time.

Kirsten has been incredibly easy to work with and has been a great sounding board for me to push different ideas around, particularly as I’ve been implementing some of these major projects. One of the other beautiful things about Kirsten is that she’s incredible in these crisis moments when things haven’t happened, or the websites down and she’s been incredibly responsive even in her private time and I really appreciate that about her. In terms of her culture and her business with my culture, it’s a really lovely fit because she works from a place of excellence, and so do I, so working together has been a dream and I absolutely love her.

Holly Brocklebank

Innate Being Therapies

I sort Kirsten from Busy Made Simple to assist me to update my website. I was considering going overseas, and I was looking at costing and just weighing that up. In the end, I just really wanted someone who was local, in my culture, in my timezone with a feminine approach that could translate what I was really wanting to do with my website in a cost-effective way.

I’ve been so happy with Kirsten. She really got what I needed, was really great from the get-go with communication and understanding my needs. I found her packages really reasonable and comparative to overseas. I love that she was there and willing to give me training after the website was up, to get me up to speed with keeping it in motion. I also really loved her graphic design work.

Without hesitation, I would absolutely recommend Kirsten. She is great with communication, stuck to timelines, cost-effective, and is generous. When I have questions she shoots straight back to me with answers. I feel like I have really found someone who is going to assist me in the long run with all my needs and doesn’t make me feel like a total novice idiot when I ask her really basic questions.

Working with Kirsten has literally changed my business – and my life! I was so snowed under that I couldn’t see the opportunities to grow the business. It turned out (once I had some headspace to think clearly) that were right in front of me. Having Kirsten as my business manager and VA has given me the chance to focus my attention on the work I do best and hand over the tasks that she’s much better at. Not only is she brilliant at what she does but Kirsten is a great sounding board whenever I’m about to implement any new ideas in the business. She’s professional, prompt and maybe most importantly, she genuinely cares about her clients.

Toni-Maree H

Life Coach


Kirsten has helped me get my coaching business organised and I can’t recommend her highly enough.
She is intelligent, truly interested in making a difference and will work with you to ensure that your business really is made simple.

Natasha B

Berta Marketing


Kirsten is a dream to work with. She is clear, professional and gets things turned around nice and quickly.
I can whole heartedly recommend her to anyone seeing an A grade support member for their team.

Nicole B

Naturally Nic


I love Busy Made Simple! Since working with Kirsten my life has become so much more streamlined. Knowing that the posting & uploading of my weekly blog and facebook live is going to be taken care of, I am more motivated to stay consistent and actually write the blog!

Kirrah S

Doula Wisdom


Kirsten is amazing to work with. She has been able to do everything I have asked and ticks all tasks off like a champion. I am more than happy.

I love working with Kirsten. She works quickly, efficiently and smartly. I really benefit from having multiple phone conversations to really understand each other and have been stoked with the overall result as well as the care and explanations in areas I particularly struggle in.

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