Looking to become a Virtual Assistant?

Or just wanting some advice on how to take your Virtual Assistant business further?

Kirsten is a freelance, tech-savvy Virtual Assistant who works with small business owners across Australia to save them time and money in business. She also loves working with other VA’s across Australia to help them build a successful business too.

Why work with Kirsten?

A personal, honest and caring coach you can rely on

Kirsten has been running a successful Virtual Assistant business since 2016. Starting her career in the public services she knew that it wasn’t the direction she wanted to be heading in and knew she had to make a change. Building a network of supportive business women around her, she made her dream of being in business for herself a reality and now works full time in a business she LOVES with a small but growing team of awesome VA’s to help her in her mission.

Kirsten knows the struggles of trying to grow a business while also working a full-time and part-time job. She will build a personal coaching relationship with you to work through your goals and achieve your dream of owning and running your own VA business. She is honest but caring in her approach and loves seeing and being there to support other people to achieve their goals.

Kirsten works with clients to understand their values and work with their strengths to build a heart-centred business out to make a positive difference. She will help you to define your vision in living a life that has purpose and meaning so you can love what you do every day and look forward to what is to come.

Kirsten’s Approach

Personal, Honest & Caring Coach

The goal is to help you gain clarity in the direction you want to take and feel confident in taking the next steps moving forward in building your business. We do this by:

  • Developing a vision for your Virtual Assistant business
  • Creating a plan for achieving your set goals
  • Identifying your ‘ideal client’
  • Understanding your strengths to be able to build a business around them
  • Develop a marketing plan to target your ‘ideal client’ authentically and without sounding ‘salesy’
  • Develop systems to streamline your processes

Moving Forward

Are you interested in growing your business idea?

Kirsten works with heart-centred, kind and compassionate people who want to grow their business to make a positive difference in the world. If this sounds like you, please feel free to book in a coaching consultation below.

$125 / per 90 Minute session

Sessions are booked as you feel you need them. Working with Kirsten online (over zoom) you will come away with goals and specific actions to take. When you feel like you are ready for another coaching session you can book in again through the link below.

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