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Kirsten and her team of Virtual Assistants are proud to stand out above the pack by really caring about you and your business. They love working with like minded small business owners across Australia to help save them time and money while also growing their business.

Our Virtual Assistants help to manage administration tasks such as social media, email/client management, email marketing, website updates and so much more. Below is a big list of tasks you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant to give you a better idea on what we can help you with.

How working with a Virtual Assistant works

Get back to Focusing on what you really should be doing in your business

1) Discover us (Yay, Done!)

2) Book your FREE Initial Consultation to see if Busy Made Simple’s Virtual Assistant service is a good fit for your business.

3) Fill out the quick and easy paperwork and payment online

4) Book a meeting with your Virtual Assistant to move forward with the work discussed. 

5) Lets start working together

— Too easy… We make busy simple, remember!

Tasks you can outsource

Be free to do the things you love

If the tasks you need assistance with aren’t listed below, please get in touch with us as we would love to discuss your business requirements and provide assistance if possible.

If you are looking for a service that we cannot provide, we may be able to refer you onto a Virtual Assistant who can!

  • Database Management
  • Posting to Internet forums & blogs
  • Social Media Management
  • Email & Diary Management
  • Event Management
  • Arrange Meetings & set appointments
  • Make Travel Plans (book tickets & accommodation)
  • Online Research
  • Spreadsheet Creation & Management
  • Document Creation & File Management
  • Document Formatting
  • Converting Document Types
  • Data Entry
  • Data Collation
  • Form Creation
  • Presentation Preparation
  • Website Updates
  • Transcription
  • Building Document Templates
  • Create marketing materials (i.e. Ebook)
  • Proof Reading
  • Manage Webinars
  • Video editing
  • Report Extraction
  • Email Marketing Management
  • Documenting Processes & Procedures
  • Sounding board

If you would like a system set up or reviewed, Kirsten is a pro at all things streamlining. If she doesn’t know of the perfect system for you, she will find it.

  • Set up new systems
  • Review old systems
  • Creating Operating Procedures
  • Database Creation/Management
  •  I.e:
    • CRM Systems
    • Email Marketing Systems
    • Filing Systems
    • Purchasing Systems
    • Booking Systems
    • Project Management Systems
    • Event Systems
    • Social Media Accounts
  • Email Management. Check, create and respond to emails
  • Process orders and other customer-related tasks
  • Customer Enquiries
  • Providing general, technical, sales and billing support to customers
  • Pre & Post sales questions
  • Social Media customer reply’s
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Professional Graphics
  • Newsletter Design and set up
  • Social Media Strategy
  • On page and Off page SEO
  • Sales Funnel
  • Click Funnel Pages
  • Email Marketing
  • Process Consulting
  • Website analytics analysis

Any system we put in place for you (or work on with you), a training session can be organised to assist you in learning the system yourself.

Training sessions can be held over Zoom or Team Viewer and are a great way of saving money to make small updates and amendments on systems whenever you want. Kirsten will always be there to support you through anything when you need help with anything further or more complex.

Some systems we have trained people on in the past are:

  • WordPress
  • MailChimp
  • GSuite
  • Active Campaign
  • Acuity
  • Asana
  • FormSite

Of course, these are only a few ideas on what you can outsource. Kirsten works around your needs and business goals to achieve the work that is required. And if she can’t do it, she will help you to find someone who can.

Packages & Pricing

Getting down to the nitty gritty

Busy Made Simple offers a variety of affordable Virtual Assistant packages to suit your specific business requirements, no matter what stage of busines you’re in. We make it so easy, by streamlining the entire onboarding process so we can get started with the work at hand quickly. 

Who is Busy Made Simple?

Our team are Heart-Centred Virtual AssistantS. Meaning, we actually do care about you and your business success

As Virtual Assistants, our biggest concern is to never to waste time when working. Time is very precious and it’s the one thing in life we just can’t afford to waste. When we work we work smart, hard and savvy and always keeping on top of priorities.

Are you ready for a Virtual Assistant? Answer these questions.

You could end up saving hours in your week

1. Is your admin bursting at the seams, out of control and too hard to manage?
2. Does your administration need streamlining and a more professional feel?
3. Do you want to find a Virtual Assistant who genuinely cares about your business, someone to talk too and remove some of the stress?
4. Do you want a way of keeping track of your long to-do list and to quickly delegate tasks when you think of them?


Get in touch to organise your Virtual Assistant service

If you said yes, congratulations! You’ve grown your business to a stage that you need an extra pair of hands to help out. Don’t succumb to the pressure of getting more done in less time, trying to beat your competition and putting in hours to learn new skills that you just don’t want and have time to learn. The good news is, a Virtual Assistant can help save you time while growing your business to the next stage.

What’s so good about a Virtual Assistant?

Save time, money, your health and sanity with a virtual assistant

A Virtual Assistant can provide you with a reliable solution to everyday tasks without the commitment of a full-time employee. As a result, creating a more consistent customer experience, giving you relief from time-consuming tasks, and getting you back to what really matters.
With a reliable Virtual Assistant, you will have one point of contact you can call upon for anything. With one point of contact, there’s no more researching, frustrated phone calls or backlog of tasks you’ve been meaning to complete. Your Virtual Assistant will have it covered for you. Whether you need a client followed up, a new evaluation form created or a website developed, Busy Made Simple will be there to support you in the growth of your business and help you take it to the next level.

A Virtual Assistant who cares

Yes, that’s right! A Virtual Assistant that cares about you and your business.

Kirsten knows that there is no-one out there that cares for your business as much as you do, but she will come pretty damn close. She is a Virtual Assistant that will care about you, your business needs, your customers and business growth. She wants your business to grow and flourish and knows you are busy (with your life and in business) which is why she makes things as easy and simple for you as possible. Whether you need a business manager, a new website or SEO strategy, to streamline your processes or put marketing strategies in place, Busy Made Simple is EXACTLY that! We complete tasks to make your life as simple as possible to get on with the job at hand, making your life in business an enjoyable one.

Reap time by simply using 21st Century technology correctly and to its fullest use. We only use technology that is fast, easy to use, can automate your processes, keep you organised and streamline processes as much as possible. As a Virtual Assistant, we have been around the block, trying all sorts of different brands and technology. We can safely say that what we recommend to you we use regularly ourselves and we have compared it to most of its competitors in the same field.

Is working with an Australian Virtual Assistant better?

The short answer is: Yes, it most definitely is!

Busy Made Simple is an Australian based Virtual Assistant business. As an Aussie, Kirsten knows the Australian culture and business environment better than any overseas Virtual Assistant. She works with you one-on-one, in your timezone, getting to know your working style and the most efficient way of completing tasks with you.
Kirsten’s aim is to become a reliable and trusty source for you can call upon for anything as we build an amazing working relationship with each other over time. Save yourself red tape, administration, holiday pay and staff training by getting yourself a Virtual Assistant.

Resources we use & recommend

We care about you succeeding! Take advantage of these valuable resources we love.

There is no-one that cares for your business as much as you do, but Busy Made Simple comes pretty damn close. We want the best for you and your business whether you decide to use Busy Made Simple as your Virtual Assistant or not. That’s why we’ve put together this list of valuable resources to help small business owners, like you, to take control of your health, business, administration, and website. Check them out to see if any can help you.

Canberra based, but we work for small businesses all over Australia.

We work Virtually using phone, email, zoom and project management systems

These days technology is so amazing that working from a distance can be accomplished quite easily, that’s why Virtual Assistants are such a popular choice for small businesses now. Busy Made Simple is operated in Canberra, ACT but through the use of Zoom, phone calls, texts, emails and project management systems, good communication can be quite easily achieved from a distance. And if you live in Canberra or are around Canberra temporarily, of course, Kirsten is always happy to catch up for a coffee!

Flexible and all about you

Experienced Virtual Assistant catering to your needs

After working in the corporate world for many years and now being a Virtual Assistant and business owner for over 2 years, Kirsten knows how important simplification and automation is in the administration process. She will cater to your business requirements providing training and education when needed and ongoing small business management. All packages are flexible to use as needed within a 12-month period on any task. Busy Made Simple is a fantastic resource for small businesses who are either just starting up or have been around for many years.

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