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Your business is important and it needs sharing with the world. So why not present it in your unique way! As a freelance web designer, Kirsten will work with you closely to map out your new website and create it using WordPress. She will zero-in on your style and ideas to create a beautiful website that you love, your customers will love, is user-friendly and works on all devices.

Already have a website?

Take advantage of the website review package where you can have your website personally reviewed by Kirsten and suggestions will be sent straight to your email.

Your Website Will Be One Of A Kind

Your dream, your ideas, your website

Busy Made Simple will work with you to create a website that is as unique as you are. Whether you love the use of white space and minimalistic designs or edge more toward a modern take with a unique slant, you need someone who will work with you to extract your ideas and expectations to create a website that you will love.

Flexible & Easy

You want to update and maintain your website? No Worries!

After working with Busy Made Simple to create your website, the WordPress platform and our experience in creating user-friendly websites will allow you to easily get your head around how to update and maintain the website yourself. If you have never used WordPress before and don’t know where to start, jump on a training session with Kirsten and she will show you everything you need to know to take over the website. Alternately if you don’t plan on taking it over, send any updates through to Kirsten to have it maintained for you.

All About Your Needs

Creating your Online Course

Kirsten will work with you to map out your online course, create the sales funnel, hold you accountable to complete tasks and create the course online. She works mostly with AccessAlly, Teachable and Zippy depending on your business requirements and budget.

Everything needs to fit and flow

Your website components need to work together to allow a streamlined customer experience and administration experience for you and your customer. That is why we only use systems that integrate and talk with each other to allow you to easily maintain and get on with your day.


Keeping Google Happy

Seo is Important & Google is God!

In addition to your website design, Busy Made Simple can also SEO optimise your website to get found on Google and other search engines. We use plugins and other techniques to optimise your website to get you found with your chosen keywords.

Cost Effective & Timely

It’s about you, your website, your budget and your time

Busy Made Simple knows about the stresses of being in business, that’s why we make it all about you. We work under packages of time. You can purchase a package of your choice and continue with other packages as you require. The final price of the website will depend on the size and complexity of the website. A simple website can usually be completed within the 20-hour package.

Busy Made Simple only takes on a certain amount of projects at one point in time to ensure all projects are completed within their timeframe. When working with Busy Made Simple, timely goals will be set for each stage of the project and you will be updated of any changes along the way.


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