Tech-Savvy, Heart-Centred
Virtual Assistant & Online Business Manager!

Do you want a Virtual Assistant Who:

Genuinely cares about your business and about achieving results?
Is easy to get along with and you can quickly form a trusting relationship with?
You can call upon at any time and will action work quickly and professionally?
Takes action in your business, creates efficiencies and finds where you can save time and money?
Makes everything as simple as possible for YOU?

About Busy Made Simple

About our clients

Our clients are entrepreneurs and business owners who are running a 6 figure business. They thrive on helping other people in this world with their specific skill set. You see yourself as:

  • A heart-centred, soul-driven person
  • You want to make a positive difference in this world
  • You feel pushed towards living your “life’s purpose”
  • You live in alignment with your values
  • You may be somewhat of an introvert
  • You live to be authentic, creative and caring
  • You don’t define success around how much money you earn, but rather the impact you make on the world around you.

Our Mission

We want to see you succeed! Our aim is to put ourselves out of a job. Meaning, we want your business to be as self-sufficient and streamlined as possible so anyone can take over your businesses administration at any point in time.

Here’s what we aim to do for you:

  • Remove the stress you have around your administration processes
  • Automate as much as we can to streamline any processes you have in place and to save you money
  • Get you back to doing what you love and serving your clients the best way you can in a business that runs smoothly
  • Be there for your business, through it all, so you have someone to talk to about anything business-related
  • Give you ideas and strategies on how to improve your business (i.e. SEO strategies, website management, system development, marketing strategies… etc)
  • Follow through on EVERYTHING we say
  • Always be open to feedback, as we can both learn from each other

Meet the Team

About Kirsten Rees

Helping your business grow

Hi, I’m Kirsten, the business owner of Busy Made Simple.

I work with heart-centred entrepreneurs who want to make a positive difference in other people’s lives. As a ‘systems queen,’ there is nothing I love more than working with businesses to improve processes and create efficiencies while seeing each business owner save time and money in the process.

I love anything ‘techy’ so this job comes so naturally to me. Since I was little, I’ve loved being able to make a positive difference in other peoples lives, and I’ve found that this is the way I can do it – which makes me so happy!

As a bit of a side business, I also run Maternity Basket, which is a business based around providing the essential, ‘village’ support that all new Mamma’s need.

On a personal level, I thrive most when I’m in the garden (and in nature), cooking, practicing yoga and meditation. I’ve always had an interest in alternative therapies, holistic health, women’s health, babies, spirituality and entrepreneurship which are the interests I target our ideal client around.

Lauren Devine – Virtual Assistant

Lauren has joined the Busy Made Simple team as a Virtual Assistant, specialising in social media and web design. With a degree in Digital Media, two diplomas in Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing (the latter in which she studied here in Australia) plus several years of experience on her belt, she can use her broad range of skills to achieve your business goals, whatever they may be.

With her ace graphic design skills, she can create beautiful, eye-catching content combined with engaging and creative copy that will not only coincide with your brand identity but enhance it and make it stand out from the crowd. Lauren also specialises in web design/development, having coded websites from scratch as a hobby years ago, and then later fine-tuned it in college. She can create a beautiful bespoke website for you with the best SEO practices in mind. From email marketing to client management and automated systems, Lauren always delivers amazing outcomes for her clients. She is passionate about problem-solving and undertaking processes in the most streamlined and efficient way, all the while making clients feel understood and at ease.

In her downtime, Lauren likes collecting indoor plants, rollerskating and spending time with her giant breed dog, Luna. She is obsessed with home automation and creating Alexa ‘routines’ to make life at home that little bit easier!

Lauren Devine | Virtual Assistant

Victoria Wall – Online Business Manager & Virtual Assistant

Victoria has joined the Busy Made Simple team as an Online Business Manager, specialising in administration, social media, and content creation. She loves being creative and thinking “outside of the box”, always implementing new ways for brands to create traction and interest from the consumers! Victoria could happily spend a full day writing and doing day-to-day administrative tasks – if she’s not organised, she’s not happy!

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and 10 years of experience in Commercial Radio under her belt, Victoria has had experience in a broad range of departments, from Sales to Public Relations to Show Producing. She also runs her own business, so understands the importance of the tasks we complete each day; relating her own experiences to the passion that business owners have for their own work. Victoria’s take on working at Busy Made Simple is that ‘working with different businesses means it’s never dull and always different, but I still get to do the tasks I enjoy! I’m always learning, and couldn’t work in a job that didn’t challenge me!’.

Outside of hours, you’ll likely find Victoria on the road or in the office, working on her own business in Melbourne; working with pre & postnatal women to improve their fitness and general well-being! In her free time, she’s usually exercising, travelling, socialising, walking, or studying!

Working Virtually Doesn’t Have To Be Less Personal

A Working relationship that is easy and personal

Having someone take control of ‘parts’ of your business can be a bit overwhelming. We work closely with you to make sure you feel in control and on top of things every step of the way. You will build a close relationship with us as we get to know the ins and outs of your business and find ways to make it more efficient.

Email, phone, Zoom and Asana are all important tools Busy Made Simple use daily to keep  communication open and to build a positive working relationship with you.


Always learning and forever growing

Kirsten is an active member of a few online communities. They’re an amazing way to network and learn new skills while developing and growing in business.

Education is the best tool in life and she is always looking at how to learn and grow in her personal and professional life.

Digital Masterchef

The Digital Masterchefs is a community of like-minded business owners – from cleaning companies to allied health professionals. It’s a network of people from different backgrounds, at different stages of their business and who have slightly different goals.

This community brings people together to work smarter, not harder. It’s a great way to keep up-to-date with industry trends and information in the ever-changing digital world to build a profitable online business.

Virtually Yours

Virtually Yours is the network of Virtual Assistants in Australia. Keeping everyone up to date with the latest news and education.

Female Entrepreneur Association

FEA inspires and empowers women from around the world to turn their ideas into a reality, build successful businesses and live a life they love.

Screw The Nine To Five

The Screw is a community of like-minded people who want to take what they know from their 9-to-5 job and transform it into an online business to feel proud of.

Nikki Elledge Brown

Nikki Elledge Brown is the communication stylist who created the course about copy. Her online community teaches how to use words effectively to target your ideal clients.

Australian Virtual Assistant Association

AVAA is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the education and development of its members as part of the professional Virtual Assistants industry.

Virtual Assistant Association Certificates

We are reference checked and standards checked with Australias number 1 virtual assistant association

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